Do you know what time it is boys and girls? I bet you do!!! Everybody get ready for tonight's #6goodthings \o/

1. The guy doing my roof said he'd love to take care of all the dealings with the mortgage and insurance companies.

2. Today is Son#3's 19th birthday. He is out with friends right now.

3. Work went well. I was productive

4. Maybe just maybe I got the ADA inspector's attention by doing exactly what he asked for and having everyone else gripe at him instead of me. 

5. The Kids are cooking dinner so I don't have to. \o/ \o/

6. I might be able to get in some reading later on tonight. 

Thank you for watching tonight's episode.
#6goodthings for today:

1. I made good progress at work today. I was pretty focused.

2. Son#3 got some good news. He only needs to make a 63 on his precalculus final.

3. My father-in-law is doing better. 

4. The Mrs. had a good day and she is looking mighty nice tonight.

5. The whole family sat down at the table for dinner.

6. I got a computer thingy to work.
Ok it is a little early in the day for me to post #6goodthings but I may not get around to it again later on.

1. I had a good time with The Mrs. Took her out to lunch (had a buffalo burger) and then we went grocery shopping. 

2. The Kids have been out all afternoon with friends. This may not be a good thing with Son#3 who has some homework to do but at least he has some friends.

3. Most of the laundry still needs to be done but progress is being made.

4. I bought some St John's Wort and some vitamins to help with this anxiety/depression/whatever-we-call-it. 

5. We watched a few movies this afternoon. I find this relaxing.

6. I actually am feeling better. My nerves are not all tingly and I am having some success at staying focused. I believe what I am doing is working.



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