23 June 2012

The Family Business

This is a comment from someone who stiled himself "B" on the blog whose link appears below:

\[quote\]Monarchy is government as a family business. Today's more common form of government is as a corporation. The family business tries to build something to pass on. The corporate officer takes while the getting is good.


The weakness of monarchy is a despot or idiot taking control. Same as a child running a family business into the ground.


Now if there were only a way to establish a form of government where the best and brightest and most benevolent people became managers of public affairs instead of rulers. Where natural rights and respect for others and their property was the law of land.


That's the end goal. Monarchy can do it for a short while, but so can a republic if the people are alert. The trouble is sustaining it for not just a couple hundred years but a few thousand.\[/quote\]


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