16 June 2012


Musings from the Manhut has moved from the wordpress.com servers to a privately-held and privacy-aware server. Almost all 900 of the Musings are at the new location and I believe that most of the media library is there as well. I now of 100 or so posts that did not properly import. These posts will be manually added to the new server in time.

I have also consolidated my social networking services. I use all the usual services but I rarely go to the website of those services. I use a communication platform called Friendica. This allows me to safely read everyone's social posts and communicate with them. My userid is jimmorgan@theshi.re. If you understand any of that feel free to add that address to your accounts. If you don't understand it then tell me what service you are on and I will tell you what name I use on which service.

XMPP is still a big deal for me. I still use the handle whistlewright@parlementun.net so if you use GoogleTalk/Jabber or whatever other XMPP service that is where you can find me.

I will move the jimmorgan.us name over here as soon as I learn how to do it without messing things up again. In the short term, however, http://whistlewright.parlementum.net will be my address.


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