13 June 2012

Interesting. I changed themes on Friendica to this diabook thing everyone is talking about. It says I have a contact request but I can not figure out how to see who is doing the requesting and respond to it.

Is this normal?
Let's see if I can state the thesis a little more clearly now.

"The history of Europe is the narrative of three great powers contending for control of the continent in order to prevent or at least staunch the spread of Islam."

Now I need to come up with a catchy tag name for this...
SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH has been issued for a large chunk of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Midland and Ector Counties are in the watch area. Weather Service says main threat will be large hail and damaging wind. Amateur weather geeks whose opinions I respected say a possibility of a tornado or two is not unlikely. 

NWS is recommending SPOTTER ACTIVATION but I have no news yet if the Permian Basin Skywarn has activated.
@parlementum Your request for my account on The Shire has been approved. It got lost somewhere in the shuffle and I just saw it. Maybe it works now.
why do i watch criminal minds? it really is creepy.
well it looks like tonight's weather event is a dud. i reckon it's time to hit the showers.



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