9 June 2012


CBS 7 News

June 9, 2012

Associated Press

RUIDOSO, N.M. (AP) - A lightning-sparked blaze that jumped its containment lines is racing through thick conifer forest in southern New Mexico, and fire managers say more than a dozen structures have been damaged or destroyed.

The Little Bear fire was only few acres on Wednesday. Spot fires developed outside of the lines thanks to windy conditions and by Saturday morning more than 10,000 acres had been charred.

Fire information officers say summer homes and campgrounds in the area about 15 miles north of Ruidoso were evacuated late Friday.

There was no immediate word on how many people were evacuated. Shelters were set up at churches in Ruidoso and Capitan.

Officials say an estimated 15 to 20 structures have been damaged or destroyed.

Crews haven't had a chance to do a formal damage assessment.


All campgrounds West of Bonito Lake

Villa Madonna Subdivision

Eagle Lakes Campground

Eagle Creek Summer Homes

Ski Apache

Angus Subdivision

Enchanted Forest

Nogal Canyon (FR400)


Alto North


Sun Valley

Shelters for evacuees have been set up at First Baptist Church on Country Club, Community Methodist Church, Senior Center at Ruidoso Downs, Church of Christ on Sudderth and Trinity Baptist Church in Capitan.

Road closures:

NM532, Apache Ski Run Road, is closed.

NM 48, the main highway north of Ruidoso is closed from mile mark 8 north of Ruidoso to Captian.

NM 37 from NM 48 to US 380

NM 48/Gavilan Canyon Road

NM 220 at US 380.

Smoke was reported to be descending into Ruidoso and surrounding areas.
I know I should be all warm and fuzzy inside because we are doing something to protect the environment but those electricity generating windmills really are ugly eyesores
I wonder if I fell out of service along the way? I made it all the way to Possum Kingdom today 

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