8 June 2012

Ok not too impressed with this email set up so far
Ok now I have added myself to the contact list. Let's see if that helps.
Oh crap! I just deleted about 30 emails that I needed!
It has taken a couple of tricks and shenanigans that some folks may not approve of and a considerable amount of confusion on my part but I think that I finally have one stop shopping for my communications needs. Everything-- social networks, email, text messaging the whole kaboodle-- all work through ~friendica and with one silly app on my phone! \o/
I am getting emails from libre.fm about stolen passwords and something called Linkedin. I did not even know that I had accounts on either.
I also get my rss feeds in ~friendica I need to clean mine out a little bit but with rss, email, text messages, and social networks friendica is a powerhouse!
UPDATE: I am only moderately successful with the sending and receiving of emails and texts from Friendica. I am sending them to the folks that already have messages in my inbox, I know that much already. I can send to some phones but can not reply from them. Email seems to be working most of the time though.
all of this communication consolidation is turning into a lot of work for someone who only reads books and posts a fee notes about what he reads.
I hardly ever look at the stats on my blogs/microblog. For all I know I am going through all this effort for only a couple of people



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